Class Descriptions


We encourage our members and guests to try all of our classes, as they are all modifiable and easy to do at your own pace.

Abs and Strength – Need more abs in your life?? Try Abs and Strength- 30 minutes of high intensity core work followed by 30 minutes of total body strength. Rock your body, top to toes, in this high energy class.

Absolute Abs – Trade in your beer-belly for a six-pack with this 30 minute high intensity class. Zero in on your core muscles through a variety of exercises that will help to strengthen, tone and define the abdominals.

Body Bar Blast – Through the use of  body bars and more, participants are guaranteed a tough workout! Tone your body from head to toe while getting some great cardio action!!

BodyShred –  This class focuses on creating a functional, varied, and challenging workout which carries over into daily activates outside of the gym. It requires you to utilize a variety of stabilization muscles that wouldn’t typically be used for basic lifts, especially for higher repetitions, targeting not just strength, but core, joint stability, and balance. Scaled to everyone’s ability; pick a weight that is right for you and work your way up performing fat burning,  muscle building exercises at your own pace means you set your own bar.

Boot Camp – Leave your “lazy” at the door for this medium-high intensity class!! Participants will move station to station, utilizing hand weights, kettle bells, stability balls, and more to enhance agility, speed, power, and strength. This is circuit-style cardio, interval, and strength training at its best!!

Boxercising – Get ready to jab, kick, cross and punch during these high intensity cardio classes. Join us for these two great aerobic classes while you work on muscle toning, coordination and strength building. Sure to leave you exhausted and loving it, these two are “can’t miss” classes!!

Boxing Bag Drill – Train like a pro boxer during this 60 minute intense workout. Perfect for someone looking for a fun, high-intensity, challenging workout… this class will definitely leave you drenched!! You will learn different boxing combinations while increasing stamina, flexibility and endurance. Gloves and wraps available, but bring your own if you have them!!

Endurance – A 30 minute high intensity class focusing on developing cardio endurance through the use of tabata style workouts and body weight movement.

Flow Motion – New to group fitness? Looking for something with a low to moderate intensity? Look no further!! Combining cardio, stretching, and muscle toning movements that can be performed standing or in a seated position.

Full Body Sculpting – Mobility & Muscle Activation.  This class is designed to mobilize, activate and strengthen muscles that are notoriously tight and underactive from common daily activities. Through a wide variety of exercises and tempos, you will increase hip mobility, glute activation and targeted muscle strength. In addition to enhancing flexibility and core strength, this class will also help prevent injury by strengthening ligaments and small muscles that are often overlooked. All levels of fitness are welcome, as each exercise will be tailored to individual mobility and strength.

Full Stretch – Enjoy the benefits of a full body stretch during this half-hour class. Taught by our on-staff physical therapist, learn the correct way to stretch while improving posture and flexibility.

Fully Loaded – 45 minutes which starts with an active warm-up followed by 16 rounds of timed, power intervals and 16 rounds of metabolic conditioning intervals.  we use dumbbells and body weight moves.

Functional Fitness – A high intensity workout program, utilizing & strengthening every part of the body, through an array of movements; mainly, lifts and gymnastics.  Just as every participant is different from one another, so are the workouts.  We use dumbbells, bars, kettle-bells, jump ropes, climbing ropes, rings, sandbags, and more with basic functional moves like squatting, pressing, dead lifting, running and jumping.

H.I.I.T Training – This High Intensity Interval Training class is sure to get your heart pumping and your muscles moving!! 30-45 minutes of intense, interval-style full-body strength training with bursts of high impact cardio will increase your endurance, stamina, and strength while helping you lose weight and tone your body.

Interval Training – Medium to high intensity cardio and strength training, utilizing weights, bands and exercise balls  incorporated for a total body workout with easy to learn combos

Low Impact – Join us for this low intensity class where safe, effective exercises are key!! Combining cardio, stretching, and muscle toning movements that can be performed standing in a position, this class caters to everyone, both beginner and senior level.

Pilates Barre Fusion – A complete workout to strengthen and define your entire body.  With this innovative workout combining both core strengthening principles of Pilates and the lengthening elements of dance you will work every major and minor muscle group.

Pilates Fusion – Come feel the benefits of Pilates!! Pilates is designed to strengthen, tone and elongate your muscles using distinct controlled movements combined with breathing techniques. Besides lengthening and sculpting muscle, participants will improve their posture, flexibility and body awareness. This is a low impact class, suitable for any age and any exercise level.

Plyo-Power & Strength – A dynamic warm up followed by burst of heart thumping Plyo-Metric moves and strength training sessions finishing with 15 minutes of abdominal training.

Power Yoga – Class members will enjoy an intense Vinyasa Flow Yoga class, where flowing postures and strength building are key. This aerobically challenging class is open to beginners as well as advanced participants. Come experience the harmony of body movement and flow.

Spin – Ready to burn 700+ calories? Join us for 60 minutes of high intensity cycling that will be sure to leave you wanting more!! Our light and temperature controlled Spin room allows participants to get in the zone during steep hill climbs and fast-paced sprints… Sign up for your bike the day of class… Bring your A-game and water bottle, we’ll provide the towel and the workout!!Spinning in North Cape May

Sports Strength and Agility – Looking to improve your foot speed, quick direction change, high jump and general athleticism? Or maybe need something a little different for a stale workout routine? Try this mid/high intensity class focusing on agility training, strength conditioning and cardio endurance through the use of speed ladders, cone drills, plyometrics and more. All levels and ages are welcomed – all workouts can be scaled to fit every participant’s needs.

Total Body – Workouts vary, fast moving with emphasis on total body expect calorie burning and lots of fat loss.

Total Body H.I.I.T – This is high intensity, However, all levels are welcomed to join, because this class is way too much fun to miss!! One hour of cardio conditioning for every fitness level. Together, you’ll build strength, improve endurance, and push past your goals. Increase your metabolism, burn fat and increase strength.  This class incorporates free weights and core work in a motivating inspiring group.  You’ll be dripping away those calories!! As long as you’re sweating, you’re doing it right!

Video Spin – Ride along with some of the best in Video Spin!! Pop in one of our numerous Spin DVDs, grab a bike, and burn off those extra calories during 60 minutes of high intensity cardio bike riding!!

Waist Removal – Torso-targeted movements in positions, both standing and on the floor, utilizing different equipment and body weight to enhance stability, mobility, and agility to get your core fit and fabulous!

Work Hard Party Hard – Cardio dance party with hand weights, toning exercises, kickboxing and ending with mat work.

Yoga All Levels – Stressed? Overwhelmed? Treat yourself to some relaxation time with our low impact Yoga class.  Escape into a state of calm, while focusing on stretching and breathing techniques.

Yoga Strength – A strengthening flow of yoga, Pilates and core moves, using your own body weight and bands.

Zumba® – a Latin dance fitness program involving aerobic elements and, of course, booty-shakin’ beats!! “Samba”-off those extra calories to Latin and hip-hop inspired music, while benefiting from a great cardio and resistance work out!!




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